Sträva CBD Coffee helps you start your day feeling your best. Enjoy fresh roasted small batch specialty coffee, perfectly paired with top-quality broad spectrum hemp extract rich in CBD, CBG, and more. Give it a try for yourself today!

Sträva ranked as the best CBD coffee of 2022

After being voted the best CBD coffee of 2021, Homegrounds has once again found Sträva to be the best CBD-infused coffee in their 2022 reviews.

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  • Sträva exclusively sources and roasts premium specialty-grade coffee: clean, sustainable, 100% Arabica beans - some of the most flavorful and sought after coffee beans from around the world.

  • Sträva infuses its premium coffees with top-quality organic, broad-spectrum hemp which is naturally rich in CBD, CBG and more to deliver maximum benefit.

  • Sträva is committed to providing every customer with an exceptional experience. While some may find immediate, meaningful relief, others may find the natural benefits build more slowly, and maybe more subtle. With three levels of CBD infusion to choose from, Sträva makes it easy to find the perfect dose of CBD to help you feel your best.